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Arresting Spam With CAPTCHA

Do you receive lots of spam from your contact from on your web site? Spammers can exploit your contact form script to send tons of spam your way. Sometimes the problem escalates so much that your hosting company threatens to …

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Accessibility And SEO

Are you aware that if your website is accessible it is also search engine friendly? By “accessible” I don’t mean that your website should be hosted on a server and it should be accessible to all your visitors, I mean …

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What if Google Had to Design For Google?


An anonymous reader writes “Web developers increasingly grow weary of having to put so much effort into designing their sites according to the whims of the Google search engine. When the most important thing is ‘getting indexed’ it …

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Advantages Of Using Tableless Layouts

Are you still using tables to create your layouts?

Well if you are there is nothing earth shattering about it, it’s just that by creating DIV-based, tableless layouts you not only create a web site with less source code, you …

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The Web Designer: The 5 most likely questions to be asked this week

The second in the “most likely questions”series.

This was the 1st: The SEO Consultant: The 5 most likely questions to be asked this week.

The Web Designer : The 5 most likely questions to be asked this week

Web …

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Website Structure

The structure of your website is the way your web pages are organised. If you have very few pages (for the sake of SEO, you shouldn’t be having too few pages by the way) you can have a flat structure …

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