WordPress 2.3 – 10 Things you need to know

The next major release of WordPress 2.3 will be released on Monday. Aaron Brazell has posted an article with the a list of things you should know particularly if you are a developer.…

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How To SEO Your WordPress Blog

Getting relevant traffic to your blog is as important as generating great content for it. You can write awesome posts daily, but if very few people come and read them you don’t get the desired effect. Getting tone of traffic …

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WordPress & Subversion

Having recently upgraded to dedicated servers I am in the initial stages of installing Subversion, a source-code-version-control system that is used by software/web developers and programmers to keep track of source code and revisions.

Joost has a recent post Upgrading

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Matt Cutts Blog Hacked or April Fools Joke?

Maybe it is me, but site hacking seems to be coming to the fore in the news this week. My last post detailed hackers targeting TK Maxx customers. Today search engine land released news that Matt Cutts wordpress blog …

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SEO: How a blog can work for your business

The greatest quality of your blog is its ability to encourage real time conversations. The greatest advantage is that they are loved by the search engines. You can leverage the quality and the advantage to enhance your business brand awareness …

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Use Headlines to Boost Your SEO

The search engines love headlines — those wise nuggets of text you enclose within the <h1>, <h2> tags. No, it’s not some fetish about large texts, it’s just that the headlines are supposed to make the text on your web …

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