April 2007

SEO Maintenance is a Slow, Ongoing Process

SEO (search engine optimisation) is not a function. SEO is a process. This SEO process takes shape over a long period of time. It takes its due time to evolve and start showing some results. For genuine, long-term SEO benefits, …

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SEO: Getting Top 10 Rankings on Search Engines

There is no sure-shot, short-cutway of getting into the top 10 results of the major search engines if you ask me frankly. What you can do is, increase the chances, and keep on increasing the chances until you really begin …

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Top 10 SEO Mistakes

Every search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign is a double-edged sword. It's like traveling in space: one wrong calculation here and one there and you can end up billions of light-years away from your destination. In this post I'm going to suggest 10 SEO mistakes that you should definitely avoid. There are 100s of things that can go wrong, but these top 10 SEO mistakes can cause you the most harm. Here they are:
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SEO: Link Love

Wendy Piersall from eMoms at Home has written an excellent article listing some of the best posts ever written that are all dedicated to the fine art of Link Love.

I have placed a link to it here in the …

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SEO Tools – The best of the bunch

Different Search Engine Optimisation tools hold different meanings for different web masters and bloggers, and it is really difficult to compile a list of “the best SEO tools”. Still, most of the SEO requirements are generic in nature, for instance, …

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SEO: The Benefits of Directory Submissions

Two extremely popular and important Internet directories are DMOZ and Yahoo! Unlike Google, that is a search engine, directories organise links under various categories and sub-categories. Due to all the hype that search engines get most web masters fail …

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