May 2007

Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM)

Joost de Valk has written an excellent post on Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM).

Although not directly related to Search Engine Reputation Management, for some of the less competitive keywords that I target, my sites often take 8 slots of …

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6 Steps To Creating A Perfect Landing Page

Your landing page is the first-most glimpse your visitor gets of your website. In most of the cases, your home page, or your index page is your landing page, but if you are running an online advertising campaign such as …

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What is social bookmarking and how can it be used for SEO?

Social bookmarking websites allow you to save your favorite links and if you want to, share those links with the other users of the social bookmarking websites. Users can organise hundreds of links under various tags: you can assign tags …

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The growing importance of accessible websites

Do you think you don’t need to create accessible websites simply because you don’t cater to “that” kind of audience? Well, you definitely need a reality check. I’m not going to present statistics on how many physically challenged people access …

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What’s Better — Organic SEO or Pay-per-click?

I think both organic seo and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns have their respective places of importance: it depends on how much time and budget you have at your disposal and what are your immediate and long-term priorities. Let’s first quickly see …

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How You Can Get More Traffic To Your Website

It’s all about traffic at the end of the day. And not just any traffic. If you want to run a successful online business you need highly targeted traffic. Targeted traffic helps you achieve your goal and that goal could …

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