June 2007

Update: We are re-branding as Zrealm, and no longer accepting new clients

Darren Rowse always writes excellent articles and posts, but this one How to Get a Six Figure Book Deal From Your Blog I found particularily interesting. I am always looking for the latest and greatest marketing strategies, and the best, …

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Phoenixrealm SEO Blog update & recruitment

With the technical assistance of John Faulds we have integrated two additional plugins to the Phoenixrealm theme.

Threaded comments by Brial Meidell, this has been added to assist Phoenixrealm readers follow comments on some of the more popular posts, and …

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How to get your website indexed

The question of how well you rank on various search engines only comes into the picture once your website is indexed by the search engines. For that the search engine crawlers somehow have to crawl your website and to crawl …

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Do Meta Tags Help SEO?

There was a time when the meta tags used to rule the roost of search engine placement. Put some keywords in the keywords meta tag, put a nice description in the description tag, and a nice title in the title …

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A Search Engine Friendly CMS Doesn’t Mean It Is Search Engine Optimised Too

A CMS means a content management system. Many online publishers use different CMS systems to publish content on the Internet because one, it makes collaborative publishing easier, and two, the publishers only have to worry about creating the content and …

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On Page Optimisation

Search engine optimisation needs to be tackled at two fronts: off-page and on-page optimisation. In this post we’ll talk about on-page optimisation because this is more important; when all is said and done, it is your website that matters the …

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