August 2007

Managing Your Google AdWords Campaigns On Your Own

Managing your Google AdWords campaign well is very critical to your online business success especially if plan to get lots of business from Google users.

Google AdWords Explained

Although it is highly unlikely, in case you don’t know what are …

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The 5 worst SEO mistakes

Seemingly innocuous SEO mistakes can sometimes give rise to disastrous results. Here I’m listing the 5 worst SEO mistakes the webmasters commit.

1] Not having a unique title for every page

This mistake occurs at lots of websites, and even …

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How To SEO Your WordPress Blog

Getting relevant traffic to your blog is as important as generating great content for it. You can write awesome posts daily, but if very few people come and read them you don’t get the desired effect. Getting tone of traffic …

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SEO Meet – Manchester – 14/15th September

DaveN and Peter are arranging an SEO Meet/Chat/Piss up on the 14/15th of September.

I have not been to this type of event before, it sounds relaxed and a bit of a giggle, and I am sure I would learn …

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SEO For E-commerce Websites

Search engine optimisation has far greater bearing on e-commerce websites than non-e-commerce websites simply because e-commerce websites need to make money by selling goods and they can only sell those goods if they can attract relevant traffic from the search …

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SEO Copywriting Leads To More Effective Sales Copy

What’s SEO copywriting? Is it some different sort of writing incomprehensible to the humans but highly effective on the search engine crawlers? Does it magically use your keywords to elevate your rankings?

It’s not. It’s the most human-friendly way of …

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