September 2007

Rand on Keyword Research Data

It is not often that I link to other posts, but today I cannot seem to help myself.

Rand has written “An Exhaustive List of Search Engine Based Keyword Research Data“, and fairly exhaustive it is. I read …

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WordPress 2.3 – 10 Things you need to know

The next major release of WordPress 2.3 will be released on Monday. Aaron Brazell has posted an article with the a list of things you should know particularly if you are a developer.…

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Natural SEO Is Always Better Than Paid Online Marketing

No, I’m not against paid online marketing and sometimes it is necessary to indulge in it to get quick, timely exposure to your online business. Paid online marketing means running Pay-Per-Click campaigns and paying other webmasters (sometimes directly, sometimes through …

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How To Prepare Your Website For Directory Submissions

Directory submissions are important for your search engine rankings as I’ve already discussed this in Importance of submitting to Web Directories. Since almost all online directories are human-edited (humans decide whether your link should be there or not) your …

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10 tips for effective reciprocal linking

Due to excessive exploitation of this tactic many webmasters, and even SEO consultants doubt the benefit of carrying out reciprocal linking campaigns. Reciprocal linking means exchanging links with slightly similar, complimenting websites for search engine optimisation. Search engines, especially Google, …

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The Importance of back links in SEO

The importance of back links in SEO (also referred to as inbound links) stems from the fact the Google uses them to evaluate or at least as an indicator as to the quality of your content. In fact they attach …

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