October 2007

15 reasons Facebook may be worth $15bn

The BBC today reports on “15 reasons Facebook may be worth $15bn“.

It is not often that I write about general news items, but that seems like a heck of a lot of money, albeit dollars.

I started …

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Arresting Spam With CAPTCHA

Do you receive lots of spam from your contact from on your web site? Spammers can exploit your contact form script to send tons of spam your way. Sometimes the problem escalates so much that your hosting company threatens to …

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Increasing Site Traffic By Targeting Geographic Areas

A number of my clients provide services either nationally of locally. Often their most popular keyphrases are those that include a geographic identifier such as “Cambridge SEO Services“.

To enable targeting of each geographic area be it a …

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Publishing Videos On Your Website Or Blog

With the cost of hosting space and bandwidth reducing by the week it has become quite easier to publish videos on your blog or website. Now why would you publish a video? You can make use of a video in …

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What is Google up to? PR Penalty

Just read that Darren Rowse’s ProBlogger blog and others have had their PR reduced even further.

A quick look and guess what Phoenirealm has dropped from PR5 to PR3, this is after a initial drop a few days ago.

What …

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Optimising Your Blog For Better Search Engine Rankings

Although most of the traffic to your blog comes from other web sites and blogs, the search engines can send you lots of traffic and you can really leverage this potential by optimising your blog for better search engine rankings.…

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