March 2008

.EDU and .GOV Links

.EDU and .GOV links are usually prizes in the SEO world because they pass on very good link juice. Here are a few ideas on how to get these types of links.

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How’s Your Reputation?

That is a question each SEO should ask. In this industry, just like in any other industry, your repuation is very important if you want to attract customers. I also believe that it is even more important in SEO and …

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WordPress 2.5 Ready for Beta Testing

For those who do not take the time to even glance at the WordPress Development blog snippets on their WordPress dashboard I suggest you do take sometime to read their latest post on the upcoming WordPress 2.5. I wouldn’t …

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SEO Your Images: Enhanced Image Search

We already know that ALT tags should be used for relevant images (I say relevant because you can skip putting ALT tags for images placed in your page for purely aesthetic and/or organisational purposes such as borders). However, what many …

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Optimising Your Adsense Revenue

Many websites that rely on ads use Google Adsense as one, if not their only, source of revenue. If you use Adsense you might find the two part post on the official Adsense blog entitled “Diagnosing and Treating Revenue

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It’s All about Getting Attention

I just read Mat Siltala’s post on how he sold his car in an hour on Craigslist. The post is a month old but for those who missed it and posts ads on Craigslist you might be interested in …

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