April 2008

Burning to Move In: FeedBurner Goes Google

Ok I’m not that dense. I’ve known that Feedburner was bought by Google mid last year. I am after all a Feedburner user and loooove Feedburner. So what am I talking about?

Recently Feedburner announced that finally they are “movin’

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The Domain Age Factor in Links

We all know that the age of a domain affects search ranking. Because of this many websites have resorted in buying old domain names in order to benefit from the aging. This is not a bad thing at all especially …

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Search Engine Snippets

Yahoo’s at it again. Just a few days ago they announced that they’re implementing changes to their crawling, indexing and ranking algorithms so don’t be surprised if you see some changes in your Yahoo results rank. Hopefully the changes …

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Domain Name Disaster

Although the post is really old I just ran into it last last night and I really really felt the need to share it. Independent sources came up with a list of top ten worst company domain names ever and …

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Earth Day in PhoenixRealm: Helping the Earth Through SEO?

It’s earth day today so let me take some time to post something related to remind us all to try and help our Earth. Here are some of my suggestions on how we all can help the environment as SEOs.…

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Good News for Search Industry

The results of the online survey on SEO and Paid Search conducted by Neutralize (*\*) last February and March UK companies are increasingly outsourcing their SEO and paid search campaigns to agencies. Obviously this means more business for everyone in …

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