April 2008

Keep SEO Safe from Jason Gambert

It’s not yet too late to oppose Jason Gambert’s application to trademark the word “SEO”. It’s a pretty long story and if you haven’t read about this silliness that can have a huge effect on all of us you can …

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Link Love: Why I Love Giving It Away

Since we’ve been on the topic of gifts and freebies let’s talk about giving away links. One of the things we all love to get are inbound links but do you pass the link love?

Linking to other sites is …

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Rank Checker Review and a Short Lesson on URLs and Domains

Been trying out Aaron Wall’s new Firefox extension, Rank Checker, and it works really well. If you want to have no problems making it work though let me remind you of the difference between a URL and a domain.…

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Matt Says No to Spam In ALL Forms

Apparently Google has a policy about their employees receiving gifts to avoid potential conflicts of interest. Because of that Matt Cutts recently asked people to stop sending him gifts aka “spam”. Some book publishers sent Matt Cutts free books …

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SEO Doctors: Educating our Clients

Gary and a few of our readers have mentioned the problem with “partially educated” SEO clients. If you have read one of my first posts here on PhoenixRealm you would know that I too have had run-ins with clients

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Hostile Takeover Here We Go

The Microhoo possibility is still very possible after all despite Yahoo’s continuous refusal to Microsoft’s unsolicited bids. Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer sent a new letter to Yahoo’s board of directors dated April 5 this time giving an three weeks for …

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