May 2008

Hacked site? Stop worrying and start working.

If you are worried about the consequences of having your site hacked here are some useful info that should put your mind at ease, knowing that you know what to do in case it happens.

Google will delete you from…
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First WordCamp UK in the Works

If you haven’t heard of WordCamp yet and call yourself a WordPress enthusiast then you’ll be happy to hear that it does exist. WordCamp is simply a group of WordPress bloggers, designers, and developers that have come together to share …

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Tips for Creating Readership from the Geek Chick

One of my favorite bloggers, Sacha Chua, who has several hundred subscribers reading her personal blog regularly has this tips to offer if you want to grow you online network. The cool thing about the tips (which I’ll be …

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Do SEO Bloggers Tell Big Daddy their Woes?

Loren Baker of Search Engine Journal recently compared the results of their survey with Search Engine Round Table’s survey. The surveys both tackled the issue of whether SEO bloggers reported their shadier colleagues/competitors to Google or not. The funny …

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Making the Most of Yahoo’s Search Assist

A couple of months back I posted an entry on Yahoo! Search Assist and touched on how this can help SEOs find more specific keywords they should consider optimising for. I have just been playing around and not having visited …

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Image Rank Factors

While most are conscious about ranking well in SERPs many overlook the need to optimise for image search. Image search should NOT be overlooked since it can bring in considerable amount of traffic. As an example, in my personal blog …

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