June 2008

Being added to favorites helps?

A colleague  of mine made an online purchase today (probably one of many). Included in a thank you for purchasing message was the following paragraph:

“Please help us to reduce our sponsored search costs (and so reduce our prices) by …

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Google-Yahoo Deal News Links

The internet is abuzz with the Yahoo-Google deal. With all the news you can read instead of writing up a long post about it I will just provide links to some really good articles that pretty much sums up the …

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Social Media and Politics Mix Up

Though I do try to stay away from any political overtones in this blog I do believe that Dan’s post on Barack Obama Social Media Round-Up deserves being mentioned. Now I wouldn’t even comment on on my position, though I …

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Dealing with Negative Comments

In Dave Eave’s post on Building a Social Media Storm he outlined some ways of dealing with negative comments. According to him talking/reasoning with the negative commenters wouldn’t always work so that what you can do would be to:

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Preparing for Improvements in Mobile Search Algorithms

Mobile devices are so popular nowadays that the traffic that mobile search brings can no longer be discounted. Because of this plenty of websites now offer mobile versions of their website. If you already have a mobile site though you …

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WordTwit is a new WordPress plugin that’s would be very useful for twitterrers. It’s also a good way to promote your WordPress blog on Twitter so that friends following you on Twitter but do not subscribe to your blog will …

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