July 2009

Microsoft-Yahoo Tie Search Tie Up

Earlier this year there was a lot of talk about a possible Microsoft acquisition of Yahoo. As we very well know the deal did not push through. This time we can be sure that Microsoft is a lot happier having …

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The Power of the Hash # in SEO

Early this month I promised a post detailing the uses of the # in SEO. Here it is.

As I have mentioned before the hash is often overlooked, if at all used, by SEOs. A very unfortunate thing because it …

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Google Apps Out of Beta to Pave the Way for Wave?

Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs all went out of beta last week. The funny thing is that I didn’t notice it till my husband pointed it out to me this weekend, which is more proof that Alex Chitu was …

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SEO and Web Design: The Perfect Marriage

I just finished reading Justin Brigg’s post “9 SEO Tips”. The post may have a boring title but his tips are pretty sound. I especially liked tip number 5, which tells about the power of the hash #, something …

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