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by Gary on February 19, 2012

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Link building is not an easy task, but it is a task made a little easier if you know how to manage your links more efficiently. Managing your links can be both tricky and time consuming, especially if your links number in the thousands. Realistically, there’s just no way of manually finding out just how many inbound links and the quality of each link that you already have. In short, if you want to manage your links effectively, you need some kind of tool to help you.

One tool for managing your links is the Advanced Link Manager. Despite its name, the Advanced Link Manager is actually easy to use and perfect for website owners who are just starting out link building and have a lower level of knowledge than and SEO guru would have. It is also useful for more advanced users who practice SEO as their profession, with the depth/level of information you can get from the tool depending on the version you opt for (Standard, Professional, Enterprise, and Server).

The Standard version is already sufficient for those who need a basic overview of their link profiles since it allows you to do the following (and more):

  • Find broken links within your site
  • Find all incoming links (as indexed by major search engines)
  • Check those existing incoming links to see which ones are still alive
  • Keep track of your link exchange campaigns to and automatically find out whenever any of your link partners removes the link to your site.
  • Categorise incoming links using customisable URL filters
  • See how your link profile has changed over time via the backlink evolution chart and search engine evolution chart (The search engine evolution chart shows the number of links to your site indexed by each search engine.)
  • Customisable URL referrer settings – You can ask for updates on particular referrers only and get in depth information on the URL referrer such as page title, anchor text used for your link, use of the “No Follow” tag, and URL page rank. This helps you assess which of your URL referrers are most relevant and passing you real value in terms of link juice.
  • Customisable updates – You can adjust your settings and choose only the elements you deem relevant to you so that you don’t get overwhelmed by useless/redundant information. This is especially useful if you plan on using the Advanced Link Manager alongside other link management/analysis tools.

Upgrading to other versions will give you even more convenient and powerful features such as fully customisable reports, give you access to their website crawler and analyser (very useful for on-page optimisation), manage multiple projects and create user profiles, automatically find potential link partners, and even use Advanced Link Manager’s Server to easily access your clients’ database.

As a blogger though, the standard features will definitely be more than enough to cover your bases. However, if you manage blog networks and have to handle several projects at once, or want an automated way to find link partners to help you find leads, then the Enterprise version will be more suitable for you.

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