Are you too Googlecentric?

by Gary on July 7, 2008 · 3 comments

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So… are you?

According to Urban Dictionary Googlecentric means having a view of the world centered around Google and Googling. In the example given it said that “My wife doesn’t belief that ____ exists because it wasn’t available on Google. She is Googlecentric.”

Of course so far I haven’t really searched for something that existed that I haven’t found on Google. I do believe though that if I sit down to think about it I WILL find something not on Google…or rather I will not find that something in Google.

Anyway the question came to my mind without really knowing that there was already a definition of the term. I was just thinking about how most SEOs are too focused on Google. I have posted the importance of not neglecting to optimise for other search engines before (back when Ask hadn’t changed their strategy yet) and I though that I should reiterate the importance now. I guess we really all know why it is important to give other search engines at least some attention but then again it is good to be reminded every now and then. So here’s a short list on why we shouldn’t be focused on Google alone.

  1. Other search engines bring traffic too – I guess this is the most important reason. No traffic should be discounted. So even if you don’t really strive to be on the top of other search engine’s SERPs you should at least make sure that you are indexed there!
  2. Just in case scenarios – You should be visible in other search engines for days (rather seconds/minutes) when Google goes down. It may be just a few minutes but not being in other SERPs means automatically saying bye to the few/many users who didn’t bother to wait for Google to go up and simply used another search engine.
  3. Targeting specific types of users – While Ask may no longer be a full blown search engine you can bet that if your primary target users are married women then you should make sure you do well in Ask’s SERPs, after all that is their target market too. This doesn’t only apply to ask. Check out the conversion/retention rates of the traffic the different search engines bring although Google will definitely bring more traffic bounce rates may be the highest there. If you find that retention/conversion rates from a certain traffic source (not just search engines) are pretty good then put a bit more effort to ensure that you place well in that search engine’s SERPs.

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Goran September 1, 2008 at 8:04 am

I can fully relate. I’ve also been “Googlecentric” for some time, I really thought there’s absolutely nothing you can’t find on Google. But time and more resaerch proved me wrong. Lol! 😉

Dashimir September 6, 2008 at 7:56 am

I can not imagine a life without Google, Googlecentric is too gently word me 🙂

Goran October 9, 2008 at 8:57 am

As far as something not being on Google, well as far as general information I cant think of anything, as for personal information, well then that is personal. But it would be interesting to find out what general information cannot be found with a search.

As for Google here in SA it still counts for more then 70% of traffic even though our local directories do play a role and for that reason we also take them into consideration. e.g. we include keywords in the meta-data.

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