Avoid Committing The Following Costly SEO Mistakes

by Gary on July 25, 2007 · 2 comments

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As I must have said in one of my posts (if I haven’t, I’m saying it now): SEO is a double-edged sword — it can do good and it can do bad, depending on what SEO measures you take to improve your search engine rankings. Since SEO is a slow process, if you commit some mistakes along the way, or in the beginning, it’ll take a long time to undo them. So here are a few things that shouldn’t be a part of your SEO efforts:

Don’t Spam

Spamming doesn’t only connote sending unsolicited, shady emails to harass people and clog the servers. Stuffing your web pages and meta tags with your keywords and key phrases too is tantamount to spamming. Leaving your links, needlessly, without content, in comments and messages on other blogs and forums is called spamming too. Both such tactics prove counter-productive. Since search engines take some time to detect and curb such errant behavior people think such actions work so they not only implement, but they also recommend them. Such SEO techniques get your website blacklisted sooner or later.

Create a website that genuinely deserves to get a good ranking: this is not only good for your rankings it is also good for your business because you get focused traffic to your website and this will give you opportunities for more business.

Don’t submit to search engines

Since all major search engines are perpetually crawling all over the Internet to find and index new and newly-updated web pages there is no need to manually submitting your website to them. Just focus on creating quality content regularly and the search engines will sooner or later find your website and rank it accordingly.

Don’t hire an SEO company in a hurry and keep a strict watch on whomever you hire

Since search engine optimisation is extremely crucial to the survival of your website you shouldn’t choose your SEO company in a hurry. Definitely do not respond to the SEO companies that solicit business by sending you emails without you asking for them. It shows they themselves don’t follow decent business practices and you cannot trust them with legitimate work.

Even once you have hired a company, don’t think you are done with your SEO work. Keep yourself in the know and remain aware of what practices they are following. If they execute shady steps to increase your rankings you’ll have to pay the price later on.

Don’t invest in many domains for a single business

This is important because your content is valuable and you should better keep it concentrated. Having niche domains doesn’t harm and in fact it is good, but if you are spreading your content without generating new content for them none will do better in the search engine. The best would be, to have all the related content under one domain.

Don’t have the same title for every page

Since every page is distinct, why have the same title on every page? Many websites just have the company name, or the name of the service they provide. For instance, if they provide web designing services, on every page they have XYZ Web Designing Services which doesn’t make any sense. Every page should have a unique title, and if you want the name of your company on every page, then let it be a part of that unique title. In fact, since the search engines use your title to index your page it is important that you have unique titles for all pages and these titles contain page specific keywords in them.

Don’t worry about Google PageRank

Since Google PageRank is updated only 3 or 4 times a year you cannot do much about what PageRank you’ve got. Just focus on generating great content so that people link to you and your PageRank will improve automatically.

Avoid these mistakes and follow legitimate methods to search engine optimise your website. It is a long process but worth investing your money and time in.

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SEO Carly July 27, 2007 at 2:53 pm

All good advice, especially the Don’t worry about Pagerank one. Concentrate on SERP’s instead of a PR value. It’s amazing the amount of senseless topics on webmaster forums about Pagerank.

Yeah it was a great novelty when the first public Pagerank export occured, but trust me it should be the last of a webmasters concerns.

Also be wary of SEO companies who offer guarantees of position #1 placements. Google governs this and not the SEO.

Same with SEO companies who have set “plans”. Optimization is so dynamic and every case is different, you really want a tailored one on one approach from a professional to succede and not some out of the box $xxx cookie cutter solution that gets deployed on every site that walks through their door.

Chris Boswell December 11, 2007 at 6:59 am

Well said Carly, an SEO campaign is not a formal project and doesn’t have predictable milestones or a definitive point of project closure. The problem we have is that potential customers who’ve shopped around have already seen guarantees of performance and timescale advertised and then you’re left with the job of explaining why this is wrong. Unfortunately for us, in just about every other industry, the guys offering the guarentees are the professionals and the ones who don’t are the cowboys. Ho Hum.