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Getting More Positive Responses for Your Guest Post Requests

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Guest posting has long been recognised as a good way to build not just your personal brand (reputation building), but to get links and traffic as well. The problem is, however, that it is just not that easy to get …

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Are you too Googlecentric?

So… are you?

According to Urban Dictionary Googlecentric means having a view of the world centered around Google and Googling. In the example given it said that “My wife doesn’t belief that ____ exists because it wasn’t available on Google. …

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Dealing with Negative Comments

In Dave Eave’s post on Building a Social Media Storm he outlined some ways of dealing with negative comments. According to him talking/reasoning with the negative commenters wouldn’t always work so that what you can do would be to:

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WordTwit is a new WordPress plugin that’s would be very useful for twitterrers. It’s also a good way to promote your WordPress blog on Twitter so that friends following you on Twitter but do not subscribe to your blog will …

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Tips for Creating Readership from the Geek Chick

One of my favorite bloggers, Sacha Chua, who has several hundred subscribers reading her personal blog regularly has this tips to offer if you want to grow you online network. The cool thing about the tips (which I’ll be …

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Link Building – Why It’s Gotten Harder

In a previous post of mine I stated that “organic link building is making more and more sense“. A statement I definitely believe but a statement with lots of things going on behind it. Nowadays if you look …

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