Burning to Move In: FeedBurner Goes Google

by Gary on April 29, 2008

in News,SEO Tools

Ok I’m not that dense. I’ve known that Feedburner was bought by Google mid last year. I am after all a Feedburner user and loooove Feedburner. So what am I talking about?

Recently Feedburner announced that finally they are “movin’ on up”, meaning they’re starting the Feedburner-Google Account integration. Yipee yay! Do not too get too excited (though I obviously am…I’ve been waiting for this to happen since the buy out.) because the the announcement said “selected publishers”, which I take to mean that they’ll be doing the migration step-wise giving only some people access to the integrated Feedburner. Not to worry though because they will clearly be affecting changes little by little in the next few weeks until everyone can happily get to explore the “Googlier Feedburner”. If you are one of the first to get this feature do not be too disappointed if you don’t see anything that’s radically new because they say thet’re still working on it. In the end though we can be pretty sure they will be integrating Adsense and Feedburner’s management API.

This is reminiscent of the limited Gmail invite days for me. I of course now log in to my Feedburner a few times a day hoping I end up being one of the “selected publishers”. Till then I’ll keep on checking and I hope you’ll give me feedback in case you get a chance to peek at the integration and do some tweaking (if there’s any tweaking that can already be done).

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