Choosing the right keywords is key

by Gary on March 14, 2010

in Keyword Research

Effective search engine optimisation only works if you choose the most appropriate keywords for your website copy, and for your articles, blogs, title tags and Meta tags. However, it can be tricky deciding whether to choose the most popular keywords to be searched or to select less popular keywords that do not feature on your competitors’ websites and pay per click sponsored links.

Google Adwords keyword tools works quite simply; you enter a word or phrase that fits with your business and then you click the keyword suggestions box. A list of suggested words will come up accompanied by statistics including advertiser competition and the local monthly search volume. Wordtracker is also a keyword suggestion tool and Yahoo marketing offers a good keyword service but you have to be a Yahoo subscriber.

Keyword tools provide an insight into the popularity of certain keywords. The key to SEO success is to select keywords that are specific to your business or industry and are not generic. On the other hand, it is crucial to choose keywords that are regularly entered into Google’s search boxes. A point to bear in mind is that there is a difference between selecting keywords to rise up the free rankings and selecting key words for bidding on sponsored links.

Within the body copy of your website, for search engine optimisation to be most effective, it is a good idea if your SEO copy contains a mix of the most popularly searched keywords, complemented by a few keywords that are uniquely associated to your business.

There are a number of other keyword tools on the internet that are free to use and are good for checking out your on-line SEO marketing strategy; they are Wordpoy, Digital Point and Keywordindex.

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