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by Gary on March 8, 2008 · 2 comments

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I haven’t really had time to go over my mail these days and my inbox has A LOT of unread mail (not to mention the unread categorised mail that goes directly under their labels). As you know I subscribed to Joost’s WP and SEO mailing list and reading all the backlog at once is actually pretty nice. My favourite topics/tips so far are the ones below. I wouldn’t go into any details because you can subscribe to the mailing list if you want to get the plug-ins yourself. ^_^ However, I will explain just a bit why I loved these three topics.

  • Changing Post Slugs Without Risks (Redirection plug-in by John Godley) : The post slugs plug-ins would be very very very useful to me because I have a bad habit of clicking on the publish button BEFORE I edit posts (I know I shouldn’t do that but and I am trying to change it!). Because of this I have repeatedly found myself regretting the post title and changing it after the post has already been published. My reasons vary from grammatical oversights (which recently happened to me…take a peek at the How SEO and Marriage are Alike post slug) to pure whim. In the past what I did was either ignore the fact that the post title and the post slug ended up slightly different or delete the published post and republish the “new” post. Neither method ever really satisfied me, which is why the redirection plug-in is really cool.
  • Removing Common Words from Slugs (SEO Slugs plug-in by Andrei Mikrukov) : The SEO plug-ins is also great since it removes common words like “a”, “the”, “you”, etc. from the post slug so that it ends up still very similar to your post title but with less noise. That is of course great for SEO. I haven’t installed any of the plug-ins yet though. ^_^
  • Conversation Optimization Tips & Plug-ins : This one focuses on comments. Though I already knew most of what I read there I definitely have not been practising what I know. I do apologise for being such a poor “blog conversationalist” and not staying on top of the comments. Bop on the head from Joost. You can expect me to answer comments more frequently now. If not, you can point to this post and make me eat my words (or I can just erase this later on! :p).

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Joost de Valk March 10, 2008 at 12:19 pm

Glad you like it! (and yes this is also a test of how good you are at responding 😉 )

Hannah March 12, 2008 at 4:45 pm

Replying. Replying! Even if I am at a net cafe just to do this (and post of course). I need my internet back!!! ^_^