Creating Content For Linkbaiting

by Gary on January 14, 2007

in Link Strategies,SEO

Some people like linkbaiting and some don’t, but one way or the other, it figures everywhere and there are companies that specially provide you linkbaiting services.The rumor is, sometimes even a single linkbaiting campaign costs $5000 to $10000. Got your attention, and, Oh, you don’t know what’s linkbaiting?

Although the expression seems a bit shady because of the “baiting” part, linkbaiting is basically the same wine in a new, hyped bottle. It means creating content the other websites and blogs find worth linking to. Now, haven’t we been doing this since the times of the Adams and Eves of the Internet? We have, but back then, social bookmarking websites like Digg and were not there to send tens of thousands of visitors to your website in a single day.

Well, having said that, creating linkbait content doesn’t just mean getting traffic from the above-mentioned websites and running out of your allotted bandwidth; it can actually send you targeted, long-term traffic if websites that complement the theme of your website begin linking to you.

You have to create rich content. And when you create rich content, create it for your readers, for your users. Don’t create it keeping linkbaiting in mind. Linkbaiting should be a bi-product of excellent content production, not an end-result. Once you start generating content specifically for the purpose of linkbaiting, it begins to reek of manipulation and artificiality. Just create great content and people will link to you on their own.

So how do you create quality content that eventually encourages people to link to you?

Be unique

People love reading and viewing stuff that is unique as well as interesting. Try to be different and don’t do something just because it is popular and so many people are doing it.

Incite thinking

Contrary to the popular view on the Internet, people actually like to think. Create content that makes people think. This works like viral marketing; if something makes you think and intrigues you, then you would like to share it with your friends and acquaintances. This how true linkbaiting manifests itself.

Teach something new

Remember the blog post that demonstrated how you could open a Kryptonite lock with a ball point pen. Now, we wouldn’t call it educational but it definitely taught you something new, including the lock-maker company. Teach something people crave to learn and they’ll definitely link to you.

Legitimate linkbaiting is not only a good way of getting quality traffic to your website, it also enhances your search engine ranking, as Google gives your website some points if other websites have your link on their pages.

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