What if Google Had to Design For Google?

by Gary on October 17, 2007 · 3 comments

in Website Design


An anonymous reader writes “Web developers increasingly grow weary of having to put so much effort into designing their sites according to the whims of the Google search engine. When the most important thing is ‘getting indexed’ it is increasingly difficult for web site designers to offer the simple, uncluttered user experience they’d like to. Reminiscent of the famed what if Microsoft designed the iPod box here is a humorous look at what would happen to that famed, clean, uncluttered look if Google had to design for the Google Search Engine.”

Google design

I really appreciate the tongue-in-cheek humor here. That said, at least a couple of years ago we found ourselves defining website structures according to the latest Google edicts, and many sites now appear to adopt a Google first, design later policy. Is that a good thing I wonder?

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