Earth Day in PhoenixRealm: Helping the Earth Through SEO?

by Gary on April 22, 2008 · 1 comment

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It’s earth day today so let me take some time to post something related to remind us all to try and help our Earth. Here are some of my suggestions on how we all can help the environment as SEOs.

  • Lessen the use of paper – Instead of printing everything out opt to digitize as much as you can. This is true for ANY business, whether SEO or not. As a good example, Apple has lessened the use of paper products by making the packaging as small as possible. The insert that came with my new ipod Nano (Thanks hubby!) is really small and asks customers to simply go online to get more information. Since we do not have products to ship out you can lessen the use of paper by corresponding through email, editing drafts before printing them out, lessening hand outs during presentations, etc.
  • Blog about the environment – Corny as it may seem, one of the easiest things we can do is blog about the environment and promote efforts to help the Earth.
  • Conserve energy – Since we all spend a huge amount of time in front of the computer I wouldn’t be surprised if many have the same bad habit that I do of leaving the PC on when going on a break. At the very least turn off your monitor or set it to hibernate when going on a long break. Turn off the lights whenever you leave the room and turn off the radio/tv if you are not really watching it and is simply used to having it on all the time.
  • Link to conservation efforts – Once in a while link, even if off topic, link to noteworthy conservation efforts you find on the net. Not only will it help raise awareness but also give these worthy sites added link juice.

I’m sure there are lots of other things everyone can think off to help the environment. What are you going to do to help the environment today? Share it with us or you can share it on Google Maps.

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morgan April 22, 2008 at 5:39 pm

a good friend of mine has three (he’s a passionate fella) websites all covering green topics — from organic local eating to general earth-friendly living. for my earth day efforts, i’m helping him with some guest posts and encouraging everyone i know to give up plastic bags for a day! (not really my thing, but i’ll jump on a bandwagon when it’s presented) 😉