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by Gary on March 19, 2008 · 5 comments

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.EDU and .GOV links are usually prizes in the SEO world because they pass on very good link juice. Here are a few ideas on how to get these types of links.

  1. Advertise or be a sponsor – Look for university and government sites that accept sponsors. You will be doling out cash but then it will give you not only links but also ads. If they do not post ads see if they provide links to sponsors and give to the university. The good part here is that you might be able to file this as tax deductible depending on whether the university falls under charity and depending on your government’s laws.
  2. See if they have job/service postings – Many university sites as well as government sites have job listings. If you have any job openings submit to these sites and place your website as part of your company background or as part of your contact details.
  3. Answer forum questions – Be helpful. Do not spam the forums but provide a link to your site (if not against the forum policy) when apt.
  4. Hold an online contest for university students or even university employees – Send a press release to the university containing details of your contest and request them to release the news via their website. Of course, they will need to link back to your site in order to for their students and employees to get full contest details.

Note that when trying to get links from government and .edu sites always read their policies before even asking for a link. Government sites are usually especially strict with their policies.

It is also generally easier to get links from university sites than government sites especially if you try to get links in the student services division/section. Keep in mind though that your site should always offer something that will answer the students’ needs if you wish to get links from student’s services division.

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