Expecting Panda Roll Outs

by Gary on October 12, 2011

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Real life little panda cubs might be as cute as hell, but hell is also the right word to use in describing what most webmasters feel each time a new Panda of the Google kind is about to be birthed. After all, even if you have cleaned up your site as best as you can, like Will spencer claims to have done (check Aaron Wall’s post “Panda 2.5…and YouTube Wins Again” to see the conversation between Matt Cutts and Will Spencer), and can still get penalised for spammy content that was once part of your content, then it is no wonder that you’ll be getting butterflies in your stomach just thinking about Google Panda updates.

While anticipation can make you even more nervous, just shoving the issue under the rug won’t fo you any good come Panda update roll outs. The best thing to do in this case is to still clean up your site, strictly adhere to publisher guidelines, and to stay on the know as much as possible. At the very least knowing when Google’s Panda updates are about to be rolled out will give you time to recheck your site for malware attack (you never know!) and make last minute adjustments.

One way you can easily do this is by following Matt Cutts on Twitter, who by the way tweeted last week that more Panda updates are due in the following weeks (which means this starting this week!). So don’t be surprised if strange things start happening to your rankings, although he says that it should have less than 2% impact than previous updates.

Panda Update Alert from Matt Cutts Panda Update Weather Alert from Matt Cutts – Hope you don’t get wet!




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