EzineArticles – Are they worth the effort?

by Gary on June 14, 2011 · 2 comments

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Ezine ArticlesBlogs and article writing are essential tools of business. Anyone still questioning the value of well-written blogs and articles is simply not keeping pace. People are also questioning the difference between a blog and an article. The following answer is subjective and open to argument but a blog is information written in a casual, informal way and is simply a means of passing on current thoughts and attitudes. An article, such as those submitted to an article submission site, is a much more serious business with a strict code of conduct because the quality of the articles has to adhere to the standards set by the article submission sites.

One of the top article submission sites is EzineArticles and the sole purpose of getting articles listed on that website is to attract traffic to your own website. In other words, to create back links. Of course, for your article to be accepted on the EzineArticles website it has to be of genuine value to a reader, not simply self-promotion or blatant self-marketing. If the article is well-written, informative and of interest to publishers of newsletters, websites, blogs, forums, and printed publications, your website and information about your organisation is also printed. In other words, a well-written informative article that is subject-specific, can find its way to many thousands of Inboxes.

A number of articles written on a theme can generate an amazing level of traffic and create name awareness so that when publishers check what’s new on EzineArticles, they search for your name.

The key to success with writing articles is maintaining a good reputation. The rules laid down for the quality of the content certainly do help authors maintain high standards. Strict guidelines are not a block to the serious article writer but a superb filter, preventing less able authors from lowering the standard of the article submission website.

There are also strict rules that apply to publishers for the publication of articles posted on sites such as EzineArticles, and they are:

  • Author’s copyright must be respected by publishing article in full;
  • Author’s URL and/or contact details must accompany the published article;
  • No altering of the article’s title or content;
  • Any links within the article to be included;
  • Never to post an article on an illegal website with pirated goods or connections to terrorism or racism; and
  • The comprehensive list goes on and on.

If a publisher breaks any of the strict guidelines for use of articles then that publisher is banned from the article submission website.

It can take a bit of practice getting articles submitted but once you have learned the correct approach, it is one very good way to promote a service or organisation.

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Milan Cole June 19, 2011 at 5:28 am

I was just reading that the Google Panda update devalued article publishing sites like this due to the numerous low quality articles that have been published by eZine and others. I am not saying there aren’t some great articles, but they seem to be mixed in with plenty of low quality articles as well.

Jon July 5, 2011 at 11:02 pm

Personally I think they’re worth the time, because the value you get out of anchor text links from ezine articles and other article directories are pretty valuable, especially if it’s a good enough article to get your audience talking.