Factoring the Negatives in Your SEO Equation

by Gary on August 4, 2011

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We all know how important it is to do the right things to help boost your page rank in search engine results pages. However, knowing the factors that can positively affect your page rank is only half the battle. You also have to know the negative ranking factors if you don’t want to keep on sabotaging your own SEO efforts.

I’m sure that you already take the most obvious of negative ranking factors into consideration when designing your pages, as well as during everyday maintenance of your sites. The problem then lies not in avoiding obvious negative stuff that will affect your page rank, such spammy content from keyword stuffing and having malware on your site, but making sure that you don’t overlook the less obvious negative ranking factors. And since they are less obvious, it is highly likely that you will indeed overlook them unless you are well versed in SEO matter.

To help you in your SEO efforts, SEOmoz has compiled what they know about both positive and negative ranking factors in their Search Engine Ranking Factors 2011. There you will find very useful information including negative page level factors and negative domain level factors. They have also included correlation data covering important stuff from social and link metrics to traffic data and keyword usage, which I will be discussing in more detail in later posts. I encourage you to check it out and immediately incorporate what you learn into practice.

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