How To Find The Right SEO Company

by Gary on September 28, 2007 · 4 comments

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The first part: Why It Is Important To Choose The Right SEO Company

The search for the right SEO company begins with what you want to look for. Do you want a company that follows black hat SEO tactics and gets your website to the first page and then gets it banned for the rest of life or you want a company that implements legitimate SEO methods and achieves for you long-lasting higher rankings. I’ll safely assume you’ll go for the latter option. So let’s see

How you can find the right SEO company

  • Don’t contact an SEO company that sends you spam: If you receive unsolicited overtures from an SEO company you can make out easily on the list of priorities for them the ethical practices appear at the bottom. If they are so callous and ignorant about their own business, how can you expect them to treat your business with respect?
  • Take your budget and priorities into account: Some SEO companies are very expensive, some are very cheap, and some are just about affordable: it all depends on what’s your budget and how much you can afford to pay for particular SEO services. The right SEO company should not just fit the bill but it should also not cause you financial and business constraints.
  • Do proper research: Once you’ve come across a seemingly suitable SEO company you should do some research on them on Google. See how they have performed or whether they have some negative feedback from their previous customers. You can also ask for references and contact people who might have written testimonials for the SEO company. Ask for a list of websites they have optimised for the client-asked keywords. Remember that your research is very crucial because your SEO company’s efforts are going to decide how successful your online business is going to be.
  • Ask them what SEO practices they follow: Do they talk about putting invisible text on your website? Do they advise you to stuff keywords on your pages? Do they tell you that all your content should exist for the sole purpose of drawing traffic from search engines? Do they offer thousands of link-exchange opportunities? Do they recommend doorway pages? All these tactics are really bad for your SEO, and you should stay clear of such offers and companies making such offers. The right SEO company knows what’s right and what’s right in SEO and sticks to that. The right company will never make blind promises. In fact the right SEO company doesn’t promise you guaranteed top search engine rankings; it promises you a completely SEO friendly website.
  • What sort of traffic does the SEO company talk about: You don’t want just any traffic on your website; you want traffic that converts, you want those people coming to your website who would like to do business with you, you want to generate qualified leads. The right SEO company perfectly understands this. It knows that 100 targeted visitors are far better than 10000 untargeted visitors.

Keep these things in perspective while looking for an SEO company and there is a great chance that you’ll find the right SEO company for your website.

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SEO Carly September 30, 2007 at 2:44 pm

If you receive unsolicited overtures from an SEO company you can make out easily on the list of priorities for them the ethical practices appear at the bottom.

Yes this is one i can’t stress enough, it’s not only unethical but quite amusing a company who supposedly specialises in Search Engine Rankings needs to resort to email spamming to gain exposure.

And what’s even funnier is i get several emails a day from these “SEO Companies” advertising their services to me just because i rank on page one for “SEO Company” wanting me to outsource work to them.

Then they go on to say they are one of the industries leading SEO Companies, yet i can’t find them in the top 500 for any SEO Terms. Then plugging the URL in to the browser shows a site with that many fatal SEO errors it will never rank for anything.

The frightening thing is how much “business” these people must get, as spamming must bring them in some customers or they wouldn’t do it. These people make me pretty wild with the bad experience they give people and the negative image they give to the SEO industry.

Marc Levy October 2, 2007 at 5:21 pm

I couldn’t agree more! These spammy SEO companies are hurting everybody in the industry. Hopefully, in time, blogs such as this one will reach the eyes of the regular website owner, truly educating them in SEO practices and what to look for in a good SEO.

Marc Levy October 2, 2007 at 5:30 pm

A good tip for finding an affordable SEO can be to check out blogs (such as this one) and SEO forums. By simply reading some comments and posts you can get a good idea about a person, how much they know and how much they are willing to share – an element of honesty maybe?.

If you find an SEO on a forum who has 100’s maybe 1000’s of posts, and who is respected within his forum community then you could be onto a winner. Many of these people are freelancers and often offer a far more competitive price for the services they offer.

On the flip side, please be aware of the many fraud companies on the forums, offering the world for very a good price and not posting anything of real substance. Apply all the tips in the original article above and you will come out ok. 😉

Ben Weller March 9, 2009 at 10:29 pm

A nice quick read. I think a lot of smaller businesses fall prey to the less-reputable SEO providers and their practices. The end result being a decrease in optimization thanks to spam-site filtering algorithms.

There is no silver-bullet approach to SEO! It requires strategic planning, implementation, measurement, and modification, and should always be an on-going process.