Finding the Infamous Google Search Quality Rating Guidelines

by Gary on October 27, 2011 · 4 comments

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I’ve been reading on the Google Search Quality Rating Guidelines (March 2011 version) that Jennifer Ledbetter linked to a couple of weeks ago, and set the SEO world abuzz with the news. The funny thing is that the guideline has always been, as Jennifer pointed out, searchable on Google but nobody (until Jennifer that is) thought to looking for it before.

I will be definitely writing more on my thoughts about the 125-page document after I go through it more thoroughly, and will probably end up writing more than a couple of posts based on its contents. In the meantime, feel free to Google it yourself (Hint:  query “filetype:pdf Google Guidelines for Quality Raters 2011”) as linking to it is something we don’t want to do considering that Google personally asked Jennifer to not link to the document.

If you do not feel like slogging through 125 of valuable search insights, I suggest you just read Jennifer Ledbetters post “How Google Makes Algorithm Changes and How Human Raters Affect Your Rankings”. The post is pretty long, but considering how much insightful the post is I can personally say that the time spend reading it is worth it. Besides, it’s still a lot shorter than the Rating Guidelines plus it already highlights the salient points for you.


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