The Importance of Foundation Inbound Links

by Gary on June 18, 2007 · 1 comment

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This week I have a series of three posts for you, with the theme “The importance of…”:

Today – The Importance of Foundation Inbound Links

Wednesday – The importance of anchor text

Friday – Importance of submitting to Web Directories

The Importance of Foundation Inbound Links

Do you wonder why the search engines attach so much significance to inbound links? When other websites link to your website, or one of your web pages, such links are called inbound links, and search engines consider them as “endorsements”. It’s simple; if so many websites are linking to you, then you must have something pretty important. The linking websites too are evaluated by the search engines just to check whether they are really trustworthy or not.

Link building is a long process. It takes time to build enough credibility and traffic to fetch you some quality inbound links and there is a great chance of you getting trapped in a vicious circle: no traffic -> no inbound links -> no good ranking -> no traffic -> no inbound links -> … and on and on. There is a way out though: foundation inbound links.

Yes, you have to shell out some money because most of the foundation inbound links have to be purchased. But it’s definitely worth the expense. You can garner foundation links by submitting your link to various directories, blogs and even e-zines. It gives you the initial push and links from business authority websites like your local business association or chamber of commerce websites can really give you an aura of authority and acceptance.

The main sources of quality foundation inbound links are:

  • Internet directories: The Internet directories such as DMOZ and Yahoo! directory listings can go a long way in generating you valuable inbound links. DMOZ is free but for the Yahoo! directory listing you have to pay, but a good thing is that they are reviewed by humans — they can even reject your submission. So once your link is included in such directories, it means your website is trustable, and the search engines are saved that extra processing time and effort they would otherwise need to validate your website.
  • Blogs: You can these days pays bloggers to publish reviews of your website on their blogs if their blogs are themed around your website. For instance, if you market an affiliate program a blogger who writes about various affiliate programs would have no qualms about reviewing your website for some money. Bloggers also sell link space on their blogs where they put your link for a monthly or weekly fee. Blogs, especially themed blogs, are ranked quite high by various search engines and if you can pay a reputed blogger to put your link on his or her website and can really boost your search engine rankings.

I think these are the two primary sources of foundation inbound links. Some SEO experts also advise you to get your link published in e-zines too, but that only pays if either the chosen e-zine is published online instead of getting emailed, or if the publishers maintain a highly ranked e-zine archive.

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Frits Straatsma | datewereld dating June 19, 2007 at 10:27 pm

think it’s excellent to foundate ones links for an initial push. There is no other way anyway. Unless you can start with a million for television advertisement. And the sites you are competing also buy links with advertising so if you wanna be there you have to do something. It shouldn’t be but it’s an important thing for high ranking.