Fun Time with Bing’s Video Homepage

by Gary on November 19, 2011 · 1 comment

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Haven’t really used Bing for a while?

Just in case you have spare time to play around, I suggest you visit Bing to see their new video homepage, which they launched in the UK and Australia earlier this week. While it is an obvious effort on Bing’s part to attract more users with inane yet fun features, I did enjoy moving my mouse about to learn more about the not-so-cure white lined leaf frog. Of course, I got tired of seeing the frog clambering up the tree limb pretty fast.

Note that this new homepage feature from Bing has no impact whatsoever on Bing’s results, but since I did enjoy it and even ended up using Bing to search even more stuff about the frog, I guess it did its job.

Before heading to Bing to see what I’m talking about, make sure that your browser is HTML-enabled (i.e. IE9) to see the video homepage or you’ll end up with an ordinary static (albeit pretty) image on your screen.

Don’t expect to see a frog on your screen though, because a beautiful Tibetan tent pitched in the Tagong grassland (Yes, I learned all that from the video homepage!) is the featured image of the day.

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Anonymous December 4, 2011 at 4:09 pm

Fascinating! My 16-year old daughter would love this. Time-waster if you’re making a living online. I’ll stick to the Big G for now, thank you.