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Happy This Halloween

We know it’s a tad bit too late to dish out pumpkin carving ideas, besides we’re no Martha Stewart anyway. Still we wish to greet you a Happy Halloween. Hope you all had a fun time this Halloween.

Happy Halloween…
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Recruiting People for Your SEO Company

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An SEO company is only as good as the SEOs working for in it. If you looking for one to answer your SEO needs, finding out how an SEO firm goes about recruiting their will immediately tell you a lot …

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Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple’s CEO

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This may have nothing to do with SEO, but Apple fan or not, you cannot deny how Steve Job’s genius has changed the world as we know it. Beyond founding Apple, and saving it during its tumultuous days, the company, …

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WolframAlpha: A Knowledge Engine

I spend my weekend playing around with one of the most awesome things to come out in the internet ever – WolframAlpha. If you haven’t heard of it’s the fruit of Stephen Wolfram’s vision and it is real …

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Google-Yahoo Deal News Links

The internet is abuzz with the Yahoo-Google deal. With all the news you can read instead of writing up a long post about it I will just provide links to some really good articles that pretty much sums up the …

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Hacked site? Stop worrying and start working.

If you are worried about the consequences of having your site hacked here are some useful info that should put your mind at ease, knowing that you know what to do in case it happens.

Google will delete you from…
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