Getting to Know Google Better [Infographic]

by Gary on December 6, 2011 · 2 comments

in Search Engines

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Google has dominated search for years now and continue to do so not only because they’ve managed to get a chokehold on search users. No matter how much flak the big G may have been getting these days for showing bias towards advertisers and big brands, pushing their own services, and even “failing” at providing the best social platforms, the truth is that Google IS a big innovator and is not content in giving their users substandard results. Their quest to better search results is such that with about 500 changes in their algorithm done every year, we’re looking at an equivalent algorithmic tweak of more than once a day!

To gain better appreciation of the just what Google does, here’s an infographic from Blog Search Engine with facts collated straight from Google’s own Under the Hood site.

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