SEO: How a blog can work for your business

by Gary on March 28, 2007

in Online Marketing,Wordpress

The greatest quality of your blog is its ability to encourage real time conversations. The greatest advantage is that they are loved by the search engines. You can leverage the quality and the advantage to enhance your business brand awareness and customer loyalty by maintaining a regular business blog. Let’s quickly see how a blog can work wonders with your online business.

Your business blog highlights your human side

A blog is a good way to loosen your corporate garb, throw back and just converse with your visitors. It makes you more approachable. It makes you more accessible. And it tells your visitors that you are a real person running the website and not some web page silently existing in the cyber world.

Your business blog can act as a potent PR tool

You can also use your business blog to dispel the misgivings — if there are any — about your products and services. You can regularly wax eloquent about the various corporate responsibility initiatives your organisation takes to help the community where you exist. If you are about to launch a new product, a new service, or if you are adding a new feature, you can immediately declare it on your blog.

Your business blog increases your keyword density naturally

Since most of the time you’ll be talking about your product or your service on your business blog, you’ll be invariably using the words that are highly relevant to your business. Through your business blog you’ll be regularly creating keywords-optimised content without getting penalized by search engines for keyword spamming.

Your business blog increases your link popularity

Your link popularity can play a big part in getting you a higher ranking in search results. If you can write a few highly relevant posts they’ll be linked to by other bloggers and online publishers and this will increase your link popularity. This way you not only get targeted traffic from these websites but also get ranked well on search engines.

Finally, search engines love blogs

Blogs have content that is not only extremely subjective, but it is also regularly updated, and this is what the search engines are perpetually looking for. They want to present to their users highly relevant and updated content and blogs can easily provide this. Therefore, if similar kind of information exists both on a blog and on a website, the blog gets preference over the website.

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