MarketingSherpa – Landing Page Handbook 2008

by Gary on April 2, 2008

in Online Marketing

Wanting your entire website to do well in search listings is good but emphasis should be put in optimising one’s landing page. The landing page is important because it is should be the primary starting point of visitors when searching for information in your website. Sure it would be good for certain informative pages to do really well with specific keywords but you want most visitors to see your landing page so that they will have a better idea of what it is your website really has to offer.

When discussing landing page optimisation you should realise that it is not just search engine optimisation that is important. Optimising for the user or visitor is just as equally, or maybe even more, important since you want your landing page to be effective so that users will end up doing the actions you want them to (making a purchase, subscribing, reading more posts, etc.). In this aspect I have found that Marketing Sherpa’s Landing Page Handbook has been really helpful. Stuff you’ll find in the Landing Page Handbook includes:

  • Landing page basics – Explains everything from what it is, its purpose, what it is not, and reasons why conversion rates are usually low.
  • Conversion concepts – Gives a step by step discussion of the conversion process
  • Landing page design – Discusses in detail everything from the page layout and color to loading speed and registration forms. Basically it will teach you step by step everything you need to know (and stuff you’ve always known but never paid attention to) in order to have an effective landing page. It also takes into consideration the text content (writing) and even errors so that you will have a way to either chase those who opt to leave without doign what you want them to.
  • Specialised landing pages – This is for special kind of websites such as those with podcasts, blogs, white papers, and even radio campaigns.
  • Landing page testing – Data samples from real-life cases as well as an in depth discussion of when and how to conduct landing page tests, the cost it will entails, and what you can expect from doing landing page tests.

As you can see the book gives a whole lot of information. Even marketing guru Seth Godin is quoted in their website than he finds this book to be very astonishing. Now if Seth Godin was astonished then it is no surprise that I am too.

This book by Marketing Sherpa is one of the books that is worth not just every single penny you pay but also every single minute you spend reading it.

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