Learning More About AdWords via Free Webinars

by Gary on August 8, 2011

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Google AdWords

Need help with your search marketing efforts? The InsideAdwords team has good news for you.

Instead of making you have to read endless help pages, they have decided to hold free webinars for Adwords advertisers. The webinars will be held twice a week, every Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 3pm BST. The whole list of topics for the months of August and September are already plotted in the UK Adwords Webinar calendar.

Topics for this week include an introduction to the Google+ project, and a tutorial on the various Search Reports available to advertisers. Both webinars are expected to last for about 50 minutes.

Other topics slated for the next two months include an introduction to the Google Display Network (GDN), basic optimisation for the GDN, remarketing strategies, contextual keyword targeting, topic targeting in AdWords, mobile campaign best practices, targeting YouTube users, reporting and analysing GDN performance, and an introduction to mobile advertising.

If you’re booked during the webinar hours, you can always just visit the Google Adwords Online Classroom for tips, or join the Adwords Online Classroom group for updates on the video tutorials.

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