Linking Google+ Pages to Your AdWords Campaign

by Gary on November 13, 2011

in Online Marketing,Search Marketing,Social Media

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Google is definitely pushing Google+ Pages despite speculations of it being “doomed” or “in death throes”. While we have yet to see whether it will go the way of Google Wave and Buzz, I suggest that you still get started and at least try out the new service. For one, it won’t hurt to be visible both on Google+ and Facebook. Second, it can also be especially helpful for you if you have an AdWords campaign.

In line with Larry Page’s announcement last September regarding Google’s aim to integrate its various services with Google+, AdWords has released a new feature, called Social Extensions, which does just that (integrate the two). Social extensions is meant to help advertisers in their “social marketing effort by letting you share +1’s between your AdWords campaigns and your Google+ Page.” What this is supposed to achieve is help advertisers “build a larger collection of social recommendations” since all +1s between the ads and the Google+ Page will be seen as social annotations on both, so that it will be “more likely that someone who sees them will see an annotation” and encourage them to click on the ad or visit your Google+ page.

Before you can take advantage of this Ad integration though, you obviously need to create and verify your Google+ page. As for connecting your AdWords campaign and your Google+ page, you can do this easily via your AdWords account. Click here for the step-by-step guide to adding social extensions to your ads.

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