Managing Your Sites at a Glance with Site Health

by Gary on October 10, 2011

in SEO Tools

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Managing websites can be really time-consuming no matter how efficient you are. Thankfully, Google has given us yet another way to make our lives just a tad bit easier by introducing “Site Health” on Webmaster Tools.

Site Health allows you to see all the websites you manage, and at-a-glance know which ones have problems that need attending to. This will obviously make your life easier because you no longer have to look at the details of each of your site needlessly, and just tend to the ones with problems right away. You can easily spot problematic sites since they will automatically be given the “place of honour” at the top of your Webmaster Tools home page, and because they’ll be showing a round red icon with an exclamation point in the middle right beside the link to your site. A click on icon will show you the list of site health checks and the status and details of each check.

Note though that having more than a hundred sites registered in your Webmasters account will mean that you won’t see this new feature on your homepage. So I guess that’ll mean you poor chaps who have too much work on your hands will still have just as much work to contend with. As for the majority of Webmasters, our life just got a little easier.

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