Matt Says No to Spam In ALL Forms

by Gary on April 15, 2008 · 2 comments

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Apparently Google has a policy about their employees receiving gifts to avoid potential conflicts of interest. Because of that Matt Cutts recently asked people to stop sending him gifts aka “spam”. Some book publishers sent Matt Cutts free books and a really cool cookie. He just gave everything away. He’s definitely appreciative but I guess it is the proper thing for him to do.

Now I realise I don’t know if we have any gift policy. But if Gary would let me I would post my shipping address so you can all send me gifts. ^_^ I’m sure a lot of people would appreciate other forms of “spam”. As one commenter said in case anyone “spams” Matt Cutts with an iPhone he’ll be happy to take it off off Matt’s hands.

Seriously though my mom was a school principal and they too discouraged gifts of value. She loved getting cards and thank you notes and even small stuff (I think she would accept cookies since she brought home a fruit cake once) but she always turned back big gifts such as jewellery and cold cash (you bet people gave outright bribes!). Book publishers specially love giving “discounts” that they “hint” can go to my moms pockets. I guess spam has been around for a really long time, even before the internet came.

Now my question is: What is you gift policy?

And my even more important question is: If everything unsolicited can be labelled as spam would someone making an unsolicited pass at you be called a spammer?

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morgan April 16, 2008 at 8:51 pm

As to the first question, I don’t really have a policy on gifts — though, I haven’t been spammed any either. 😉 I suppose if I ever do get into a position where I have some sort of authority, then I may have to revisit this stance, but until then, free is always nice. On the second question, well, if we’re going to get that general, I’d have to say an unsolicited pass is spam! However, unlike email spam, I in-person spam is only as bad as the person delivering it. 😉

Matan Media April 17, 2008 at 12:44 pm

Did someone say iPhones? Im interested!