How You Can Get More Traffic To Your Website

by Gary on May 17, 2007 · 1 comment

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It’s all about traffic at the end of the day. And not just any traffic. If you want to run a successful online business you need highly targeted traffic. Targeted traffic helps you achieve your goal and that goal could be anything: selling a product or a service, generating ad revenue or encouraging people to subscribe to your newsletter or RSS feeds. So how do you drive highly targeted traffic to your website?

First of all, define clear goals. Defining your goals is very essential to getting the right kind of traffic. For instance, many online businesses fail because they fail to set the right goals and consequently, get tons of wrong traffic. Once you know what your goals are it’s easier to optimize your website because you have clear vision. You know exactly what kind of traffic you need for your website and then your every effort goes into that. Once you have defined your goals:

Generate lots of relevant content

Almost everybody on this earth surfs the Internet for content. People are looking for content; the searches engines are looking for content, and different website publishers are looking for content. Give them high-value content and people will come to your website again and again, the search engines will rank your website higher and other website publishers will link to you. This in turn, will get you lots of traffic.

Help the search engines index all your pages

First of all, create a sitemap, and whenever you add or remove pages, remember to update your sitemap. A sitemap is a single page containing links to all your internal pages, or at least the pages you want indexed. The sitemap helps both the search engines and your human visitors. Your sitemap makes sure the search engine crawlers don’t miss all your important pages.

The same goes for your navigation bar. A well-crafted navigation bar not only helps your visitors easily access all your web pages, it also helps as an adept tour guide when the search engines come a visiting.

Get lots of inbound links

Inbound links are important in two ways: they send you high-value traffic from other niche websites; the search engines reward you for getting inbound links from reputed and trusted websites.

You can get inbound links by

  • Having high-quality content so that people link to you as a valuable source.
  • Submitting articles to various online article directories; you can add your resource box at the bottom of every article for letting them publish it for free, and that resource box should carry your link.
  • Interacting on various online forums, bulletin boards, news groups and blogs. These mediums let you leave your link when you add value to the ongoing conversations.
  • Being active on social media website.

On the web you can find 100s of ways you can increase traffic to your website, but these are the fundamental steps you can take to make a very big difference.

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