Most Bloggers Are Lazy?

by Gary on February 5, 2007 · 2 comments

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Lorelle at BlogHerald ponders whether bloggers are lazy in general. She deduces this because she finds the same old topics being discussed, OK, not even discussed, but referenced by scores of blogs, without individual contributions.

I don’t think there is something irksome in it, as long as posts are not plagiarized. Let’s be frank, some bloggers can write, and some cannot, and those who cannot, at least link to those who can. That’s why blogging is such a big part of the online social media scene; people can simply share links with their visitors without giving their personal opinions.

Personally, I don’t find such a vocation appealing, especially if you are really serious about pursuing a blogging career. There definitely has to be something unique on your blog in order to make people come again and again. If you just give links on your blog and copy/paste tidbits of others’ opinions, they’ll simply bookmark those blogs or subscribe to their RSS feeds without bothering to visit your blog.

Even if you just provide links, you need to do it on a large scale. Take for instance; it’s a comprehensive index of hundreds of RSS feeds updated very frequently and nobody would like to personally visit every link and save it, and then keep track of it.

Anyway, I digressed. The point is, you can be a lazy blogger if you simply wish to share interesting stuff with your visitors, but if you really want to make a mark, you need to come up with stuff that can only be found on your blog. Even if you cannot come up with something totally unique, at least express your point of view in such a manner that it’s totally your point of view.

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