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UK Yahoo! Advertisers: No Worries About Recent Search Alliance Transitions

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When Yahoo! and Microsoft announced their Search Alliance last year, it was obvious from the get go that what they really wanted to improve was their advertising revenues, instead of the users’ search experience. Not that they were hiding the …

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Google News Rank Boosters

Last time I gave some tips on how to rank better in Google News. Today I’ll be giving some more tips that are still straight from Google Developer Programs Tech Lead, Maile Ohye.

According to Ms Ohye some of …

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Ranking in Google News

If you are aiming to rank in Google News but doing exactly the same thing you do in your ordinary websites then you are likely wasting your effort in link building. The reason for this is that for Google News …

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WolframAlpha: A Knowledge Engine

I spend my weekend playing around with one of the most awesome things to come out in the internet ever – WolframAlpha. If you haven’t heard of it’s the fruit of Stephen Wolfram’s vision and it is real …

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Filter Results Using Google Search Options

Google’s VP of Search Products and User Experience, Marissa Mayer, announced yesterday the latest in Google’s Search Options. I’ve embedded the YouTube video below but am going to give you an outline of what you’ll see on the video. …

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Google PRoblems

Seen changes, whether good or bad, in your Google page rank lately? You shouldn’t be surprised since Google since according to Matt Cutts there was a PR update that took place end of last month. If your site was …

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