Not all companys try and squeeze every cent out of you!!

by Gary on January 6, 2007

in General,Website Design

In this day and age I find it increasingly common that companys will try and squeeze every cent they can out of you. I think this is even more true when it comes to after sales support, either companys are not interested once they have received their initial money, or they want to fleece you for every cent they think they can extort.

I recently had a completely different experience that I thought was worth writing about. In October 2006 I purchased four phpLD template licences from, and was pleased with the initial discount I was given for a multiple purchase. Since my initial purchase I have contacted on two occasions requiring some minor tweeks. Jamey Perkins, who I believe heads up the operation, not only gave me prompt support, but has refused to accept payment for the time taken to implement the tweeks. Service above and beyond the call of duty that is becoming increasingly rare, and I thought worth a mention.

Thanks Jamey!!

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