Online Content Most Frequently Read by Mobile Users

by Gary on September 11, 2011

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Yahoo! and Ipsos’ joint study on mobile modes has surely yielded a lot of useful information, as you have probably read in Gary’s post on mobile Internet usage. However, aside from the usage categories, Yahoo’s Dianne Molina gives us more specific information gleaned from the study – the type of content most often read by mobile users online.

The image below (taken from Diane Molina’s post) shows the percentage of users that viewed the following content online using their mobile devices. It is important to note that the graph below pertains to content READ by the users, which means that the category movies and games specifically means information on them, and not viewing clips nor playing any games.

Infographic Online-Mobile-Content-Frequently-Read

What’s interesting to me about the graph is that more mobile users like to read international news (39%), as opposed to local news (34%). Sports news is right behind the heels of local news in terms of reader with 33% of mobile users saying they read sports news, while political and financial news (21% and 13% respectively) significantly lag behind them. While you can’t do much about your content if have a very specific target market in mind, knowing the type of content mobile users are looking for will help you if you are still in the process of developing a site, or deciding on which of your sites you should work on first to be more accessible to mobile users.

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