This page lists articles that are related to Pay Per Click. The articles on this page will help you maximise your pay per click campaign and offer you tips on how best to manage it.

PPC Management Software and Tips

One of the best ways to drive interested visitors to your site is through pay per click (PPC) advertising. It is common sense that if you provide someone who is looking for a specific product with a link to that …

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Being added to favorites helps?

A colleague  of mine made an online purchase today (probably one of many). Included in a thank you for purchasing message was the following paragraph:

“Please help us to reduce our sponsored search costs (and so reduce our prices) by …

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Optimising Your Adsense Revenue

Many websites that rely on ads use Google Adsense as one, if not their only, source of revenue. If you use Adsense you might find the two part post on the official Adsense blog entitled “Diagnosing and Treating Revenue

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Losing Money on Ad Campaigns and Sub-optimal Pages

Sometimes even after redesigning and optimising ones pages and they look pretty good statistics will show you that you still need to do some tweaking and that it isn’t really as optimised as you want it to be. This wouldn’t …

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Why SEO Is Better Than Paid Search Engine Marketing

Although there are thousands of ways you can promote your business online, two well-known methods are search engine optimisation and paid advertising. Paid advertising can be done in the form of PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns like Google Ads or paying other …

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Managing Your Google AdWords Campaigns On Your Own

Managing your Google AdWords campaign well is very critical to your online business success especially if plan to get lots of business from Google users.

Google AdWords Explained

Although it is highly unlikely, in case you don’t know what are …

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