The Value Of Quality Link Building In SEO

by Gary on December 2, 2007 · 4 comments

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Quality link building involves getting inbound links to increase the overall SERP positions of not only your website’s homepage, but also your deeper URLs.

Simply exchanging links indiscriminately with other webmasters and bloggers, although this creates lots of noise, it does not necessarily generate any great SEO value for you. In order to engage in meaningful link building exercise the placement of the links should be voluntary and only between related sites. For instance it doesn’t make sense that your web designing website links to bodybuilding websites and the bodybuilding website links to web designing websites, nor would it give great value.

The external links that you have on your website should add value to your existing content. If you design websites but don’t provide SEO services than it makes perfect sense to recommend to your visitors some quality SEO websites and online resources. Similarly an SEO company can link to a website or websites that provide a search engine friendly website designs or the websites that contain useful web designing tips and tricks.

Indiscriminately Exchanging links with all sorts of websites can actually have to be counterproductive because the search engines can penalise you for linking to websites that have a bad “reputation”.

When you have lots of quality inbound links it conveys to the search engines that your website contains really valuable information and hence it should be ranked higher for the related topic. Even when you link to other external websites and if those websites contain trusted information then too your website earns higher rankings.

So always remember: when it comes to exchanging links the quality matters far more than the quantity.

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ADAC December 3, 2007 at 5:14 am

A lot depends on your reason for linking. You mentioned not having a bodybuilding site link back to your web designing site.

I do this with all my clients. (as long as they agree) I receive a lot of business from people that liked the site I designed, or noticed that the site was ranking well in the search engines and they would like to do the same.

If I get some benefit in my search engine rankings from the link that is just a bonus.

John March 7, 2010 at 7:32 am

Does that mean is it ok to link to unrelated sites as long they have a high PR?

Cryxellis January 17, 2008 at 1:20 pm

Quality links does matter in link building, quantity is not necessary as long as it would do good on your site that will be just fine.

Keith January 23, 2008 at 6:20 pm

I have a question…If I post a comment that is approved and listed on someones blog that is of relevant topics to my site and I list my url is that considered a “quality” link towards google?

Also, I understand it’s a rather unexplainable field but google is just so random for my keyword I will go from the second and third page to the ninth page then the 17th page for my specific keyword then back. I am constantly building links and writing content and I just don’t understand how inconsistent Google can be.
Thanks, Keith Bean