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by Gary on March 21, 2008 · 1 comment

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Though Yahoo! Search Assist was launched in Yahoo! Search US back in October, Yahoo’s announcement (just a few hours ago!) of search assist being rolled out in other countries made me remember the importance of choosing your keywords.

One of the biggest mistakes you can commit in SEO is choosing only primary keywords that are too highly competitive and not optimising for other keywords that expound on those primary keywords. The emergence of Yahoo! search assist makes related keywords even more important. How so?

Search assist, as the term suggests, assists or aids users in narrowing down the search immediately by suggesting other related keywords as a search term is being typed in the search box. For example as I typed in Disneyland the following suggestions emerged, with the suggestions evolving as more letters were typed in.

  • dis – disney, disney channel, dish network, discount tire, discover card
  • disn – disney, disney channel, disney world, disneyland, playhouse disney
  • disney – disney channel, playhouse disney, disney world, disneyland, disney channel games
  • disneyl – disneyland, disneyland california, disneyland hotel california, hong kong disneyland, disneyland tickets

As you can see this makes it a lot faster for users to narrow down their search in case. What this means for SEOs is that we should focus even more on finding search terms are more specific and ranking well for those terms. To help find the search terms to optimise for type in your primary keywords in Yahoo! search and optimise for the suggested keywords.

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