Copywriting is an important part of SEO. The articles on this page will help you to write good quality content. These articles are great for anyone who wants to write SEO friendly copy.

Assessing and Adjusting Your Website Development Approach Based on the Mindsets of Search

Thumbnail image for Assessing and Adjusting Your Website Development Approach Based on the Mindsets of Search recently published the results of a study done in partnership with Latitude Research on the “The Mindsets of Search”. The study, conducted between March to June of this year gathered data about 59 variables of search behaviour, …

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Before inviting guests, get your Home Page right

Many mistakes can be avoided when designing your website but it takes more than a good eye to know what they are and how you can ensure that your Search Engine Optimisation is fully effective.
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Copywriting the SEO way

It has only been about five years since broadband and social networking have exploded across the internet and suddenly everyone’s a writer. In the process, of course, the quality of the written word online and its value in the eyes of many people has been downgraded because it is so easy to rewrite copy online. In the old days, before the turn of the century, copywriters could earn a good living writing copy for brochures and leaflets that had to have a shelf life of up to two years. Now, the threat to the copywriter is that unless he or she writes blogs, articles and website copy for peanuts, the work can be done even more cheaply in India. Of course, only online idiots believe that there is no place on the internet for quality writing....
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Keywords or Key Phrases?

There used to be an old saying that if you throw enough mud at the wall some of it will stick and that used to be the way people threw in keywords. Splatter enough keywords across a Home Page and …

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Carewords and Keywords

Keywords and key phrases. Stuff that makes the SEO world go round.

What keywords usually refer to in SEO terms are the search terms users enter and websites need to rank for in order for the site link to appear …

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The SEO Christmas Alphabet: C for Content

This topic has been discussed way too many times by way too many people yet it is a bit discouraging how many website owners still do not really care to give emphasis on the development of their website’s actual content. …

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