Duplicate content

This page contains articles that talk about duplicate content. These articles are great for anyone who wants to know what effect duplicate content might have on their SEO and how best to avoid it.

Addressing the Duplicate Content Issue

Time and again Google and the other search engines have explained the fact that they do understand that not all duplicate content is malicious. In fact, Google even expressly gives examples of non-malicious duplicate content (i.e. pages that are stripped-down …

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Canonicalization Using Canonical Tags

In SEO, the term canonicalization refers to the process wherein URLs are standardized. What this simply means is that it is how you establish, or tell search engines, which URL you want them to display in search results as containing …

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Current Canonical Tag Support from Google, Yahoo, and Bing

The use of canonical tags to help solve the issue of web pages with valid duplicate content is now very well known, thanks to the announcement made by Yahoo, Bing, and Google last year that they would all be supporting …

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